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Dear Abby of Wine, Please let me pick your brain

I wish I had time to just take questions and answers, and be paid handsomely. I’d spend the rest of the day eating bonbons and writing kids’ books. Alas, that extra time is spent answering a myriad of questions I never saw coming. Good ones, I’ll give them that. I get a lot of really […]


Social media is quicker than going to the library and using the Dewey Decimal System

I get asked everything, as this Email shows. If I’m asked, I’ll find an answer… somehow.


There’s only one wine I recommend for a baby-to-be, when asked what to purchase

Well, at leas – so far… This isn’t the first time I’ve been asked this question, and so it occurred to me that this is a great “Dear Jo” entry. also, the person who just asked said that she’s Googled this question a lot, with no answers coming up. (Okay all you bloggers, go populate […]


How do you feel about being aggregated? I know how I do…

I just got another Dear Jo Email that touched on a wine blogging subject. Here’s the question: Hi Jo, I need to know what you know about a European website I have found all my post and many other wine blog posts copied and posted on this site. I am listed as a contributor […]


Dear Jo, When Did the Blessing of the Vines Tradition Start?

Another really good question asked by one of my writer friends. I tried to do quick research, because, honestly, I just knew that it exists; but, I had no clue when the first person decided to say a few words, asking the goods to deliver a great crop for that season. Cave people?  Phoenicians? Romans? […]


Dear Jo ~ A Lot of Really Good Questions

I get a lot of really good questions behind the scenes through Emails. It sometimes makes me feel like the Dear Abby of Wine, which I find very endearing. People either trust my opinion, or are curious about what I’m going to have for an answer. I’m sharing the diversity, because you might find this […]