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Calling all wine marketing geeks ~ UC Davis Wine Executive Program

This definitely falls into the category of, “We’re so lucky to live out here with these kinds of resources.”


What are the Currrent Issues In Vineyard Health + Head’s up if you’re into viticulturist, U.C. Davis has a course for you

As part of a wine sales and marketing degree program at Santa Rosa Junior College, I took a viticulture class. I love the earth, and have been organic gardening since I left home in the 1960s. I’ve had a whole chapter of successfully propagating African violets, and I’ve continued to have organic vegetable gardens… I’m connected […]


UC Davis: Taste will tell the tale on wine bottle closures, or will it?

I got this Email press release, and I’m not going to try to reinvent the wheel here. It’s going to be below my own personal intro… I’m always fascinated by the subjects of universities’ studies, regarding what’s happening in the world (in this case, the world of wine) worth fully investigating. Can we tell the […]


You say pot-A-to, I say poe-tah-toe… You say varietal, I say variety…

I’m a stickler for using the right word. Someone once said to me, “‘It is I?’ …. Isn’t it, ‘It’s me?’” No… sorry, you missed school the day that one was explained. “Is” is a copulative verb (the verb “to be”), and takes a subjective pronoun after any use of the verb “to be.” It […]


Canopy management, shoot position, cluster separation, by David Mounts

In keeping with Wine Blog’s dedication to oral presentations by winemakers, this video is very informative with answers from David Mounts of Mounts Family Vineyards. Coming from his family vineyards in Dry Creek Valley, owned by his father Richard Mounts, David had the advantage of going to UC Davis. This was to not only learn […]