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American Heritage Variety Petite Sirah ~ When you get that call

Phone rings, I answer, and hear, “Hello, this is Emma Thomas from Jackson Family Wines.” This story is inspired by that call from Emma, who works with Jackson Family Wines, because of her interest in PS I Love You and how it relates to this heritage variety. She, really caught my attention, because I’ve been noodling […]


Hurrah! Petite Masters is Happening in March 2018

Tickets are $45.00, and are being sold through Eventbrite.


David Fulton Winery: An example of science and art colliding in the glass with class & honoring volunteers

[Left to right: Stephanie Trotter-Zacharia, Jose Diaz, Laurin Beckhusen, and Katie Rall] Non-profit organizations are built upon volunteers. PS I Love You has a few great folks who help whenever there’s a need. Our most prominent is Laurin Beckhusen. Laurin came to us offering his services as a seasoned volunteer from Zap, Family Winemakers, the […]


Hand Crafted Wines ~ David Fulton Winery ~ It Takes a Village to Raise a Petite Sirah

Image via Wikipedia Once a year, David Fulton Winery gathers their friends and family, and everyone comes along to hand sort their year’s harvest. This year, it happened on Saturday, October 3, 2o09. As one of my daughters watched this video, she asked, “People are actually willing to just jump in and do assembly line […]