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Week 2: Boxed Wine Experiment with Duca del Frassino’s Garganega/Pinot Grigio

WEEK 2: I have to admit that this past Sunday I spent with an adorable granddaughter, so my experiment for tasting was given over to photographing this child of five. Then, my week began to slip away, because I’m in the deep and narrow passageways of Dark & Delicious. This is a time when having […]


All This For Only $60?

Sorry this is so self serving, but I have to plug my non-profit. It can’t survive without the support of the wine industry or consumers. This is our one annual consumer event for PSILY, which keeps PSILY alive and marketing. Thanks to our sponsor support: National Pork Board (Oh, yeah, there will be a good amount […]


It’s Petite Sirah, People. TTB only accepts new labels with the “i”

Life was getting to be pretty great. I had spent years getting wine writers to understand that Petite Sirah is spelled with an “i” and not the “y.” “Petite Sirah” (versus Petite Syrah ~ I even have a hard time writing it with the “y”) is the only accepted form of Petite Sirah. Why? Come […]


Week Four’s Winner for Holiday Gifts from Wine Blog ~ Luck of the Draw

And, the winner is Jeff Lefevre of Good Grape. Here’s the giveaway line-up. We’re now onto Week 5 ~ Week 5 (December 28 – January 1, 2010): A dual membership as GrouPieS in the PSILY organization. The value for this is $75.00 : Week 1 (December 2 – December 4) Metal Imagination sculpture ($80.00) ~ […]


Holiday Gifts, Week Three Winner Chosen by the Luck of the Draw

And, the winner this week is… Risqué Sommelier of Risqué Sommelier. All names were placed in my hat (ice bucket), and drawn at random. Congratulations, Risqué. I’m sure that this little Riedel decanter is going to be a fabulous addition to your tasting experiences. It’s compliments of PS I Love You (the advocacy group for Petite Sirah) […]


Contest: Wine-Blog December Gifts: One Drawing per Week for Five Weeks

I had so much fun with my Reader Appreciation Day give away (I’m a Sagittarian, we’re know for being generous), that my plan for this season of giving is to offer one gift per week during this holiday month. There are so many things to celebrate this month and I have a gift to cover it […]


The “Delicious” in Dark & Delicious ~ 2009

[Above image: Mona’s Table, Alameda] Petite Sirah on it’s own is “big, black, bold, and beautiful,” according to PS I Love You member John Monnich of Silkwood Wines. I couldn’t agree more. [Above image: Venga Paella Catering, Oakland] If you were to enjoy tasting 37 different Petites on their own, as those that were offered […]


Dark & Delicious 2009 ~ Another Sell Out Success

[Above – L to R: from PSILY, Lyla Diaz, Katie Kelley, and Melanie Hoffman] PS I Love You’s Third Annual Dark & Delicious event was another sell out success. At Kent Rosenblum’s new Rock Wall Wine Company, the space was huge, the crowd was passionate, and the food and wine were beyond amazing. After events […]


Third Annual Dark & Delicious Event is Gathering Speed

As Valentine’s Day approaches, so does PS I Love You’s Third Annual Event. Because of the wine advocacy group’s name, the event is traditionally planned near this national lovers’ day. Who, though, wants to spend an intimate evening with 700 busy people? Consequently, this year – even though Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday – the […]