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Seventh Annual DARK & DELICIOUS PETITE SIRAH™ event updates ~ February 22, 2013

DARK & DELICIOUS PETITE SIRAH™ is the preeminent, Petite Sirah annual event in all of the world, held by PS I Love You, Inc.: Important California wineries pour their Petites, some very rare, older vintage Over 30 fine food restaurants, specialty food producers, and caterers join us …supporting this Seventh Annual Petite Sirah extravaganza. Each […]


It’s official: After putting on a major event, the following week I’m useless

I always like to think that I’m not going to be, but the reality has settled in this time. Day 1 ~ unpack the returning mess ~ while dealing with incoming emails Day 2 ~ accounting ~ while dealing with incoming emails Day 3 ~ taking inventory ~ while dealing with incoming emails Day 4 […]


Sixth Annual Dark & Delicious is SOLD OUT!

This is our sixth annual event, and each year it’s sold out. Each year, the event also continues to slowly grow, and has reached its evolutionary maximum size for all future events. Not only is this about the size that I’m comfortable with managing, but it’s also about responding to consumers’ resounding feedback each year. […]


Happy Valentine’s Day ~ A Dark & Delicious Give Away

I love those of you who take your time to read my blog. And so, today is a very simple blog posting. Just comment on today’s blog, and if you’ve not yet won a pair of tickets (through my Facebook efforts) for Dark & Delicious this coming Friday, you’re eligible. (This sixth annual event, if […]


GIVE AWAY GIFTS: Holiday gifts for Wine-Blog fans

I appreciate you guys. First of all, you know that wine-blog is not your average wine blog. Next, you’ve got to have a sense of humor, or you wouldn’t be here. Finally, you put up with me. Because you take your time to read my ramblings, and in the spirit of the season, I have […]


What’s Dark & Delicious?

This is a great question that I was just asked by two of the members of PS I Love You, right after I sent out the registration form for our February 17, 2012 event, to be held at Rock Wall Wine Company in Alameda. First, I’m going to let Steve Heimoff’s words explain it to […]


Now That I’ve Recovered From Dark & Delicious

I wish there was a support group for people who put on wine festivals, just so we could embrace each other for a few days after an event. There’s nothing more physically or mentally exhausting that putting on an event. It doesn’t matter what the event is… from the days when I used to organize […]


Passionate for Pinot? An Event Not to Miss ~ Pinot Noir Summit

Happy Valentine’s Day from PS I ♥ You, Inc.! Only five days to go for Dark & Delicious. Tickets (click here to purchase) still remain, as we get closer to our sell out… Another great wine event, which Dark & Delicious is delighted to sponsor, is the The Pinot Noir Summit. Barbara Drady, the Wine […]


Delicious New Petites to Taste at Dark & Delicous 2011

Each year, as soon as Dark & Delicious is announced, the PS I Love You group gains new members. It’s just a marketing 101 phenomenon. People get that they’ve got to get out there and pour their wines, if they’re to be known for them. With at least 755 producers (we search for them daily, […]


Images of Dark & Delicious with Comments From the Crew: Praise and Suggestions

There is no particular order and no captions for the following images. They’re just the best of the best that I shot. It’s the suggestions that make Dark & Delicious each subsequent year, so you’ll see them here as positive feedback. This is a blog entry to let others do the talking. I’m going to […]