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“The Bounty of the County” known to Sonoma

Since arriving in Sonoma County, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve heard or read, “The Bounty of the County.” It’s just way too many times to even calculate; it’s a lifestyle, not a slogan. This Sonoma County lifestyle is not just about wine, either. Although grape growing is a primary industry, and […]


Get On Up: James Brown moment + a lifetime memory + a befitting wine

Get On Up… What a chant… It’s no secret that I have a rock n’ roll background, long before I moved to California and segued into wine. Our friend Corinne Reichel of Respite Wines just asked us, before seeing the movie  Get On Up, “Did you ever meet James Brown?” Ask about most rock and […]


Nikitas Magel of Vinikitas ~ Wine Country Interviewer ~ An Addition to Wine-Blog

UPDATE: August 16, 2014… “It’s not he who comes on strongest, it’s he who lasts longest.”  I’ve just removed the link for Vinikitas, because it no longer is working. Nikitas has left that building… Now: Senior Content Marketing Manager, Marketing Communications ~ RetailNext. —————————————————————————————————– Where would I be today if it weren’t for my three […]