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Happy Thanksgiving To You!

Happy Thanksgiving … May you and yours have a lovely day filled with all the riches that life can afford. I appreciate you, thanks for being here.


Some days I feel like the little red hen

Remember “Hey, you, get off of my cloud!” Or, the Little Red Hen story…. When the bread was finished, the tired little red hen asked her friends, “Who will help me eat the bread?” “I will,” barked the lazy dog. “I will,” purred the sleepy cat. “I will,” quacked the noisy yellow duck. “No!” said […]


What is wine without food, what is food without wine… 2011 “Best of the Best Cookbook Recipes”

I’ll never forget getting my first Food & Wine magazine in the mail. I didn’t order it, but it just arrived. I read it and loved it. Then, another one came, and our American Express was automatically charged for a year’s subscription. This was a brilliant, albeit a bit risky, marketing move by American Express. […]


When it comes to Chardonnay, I’m a cheap date, for the most part

Image via Wikipedia I’m sitting here, sipping on a very expensive Chardonnay; lots of oak, 100 percent ML. It’s considered one of the best. Malolactic fermentation simplified: A + B = C Acid + Bacteria = Cream. The Acid is Malic, the same one found in Apples and lots of other fruit. The winemaker adds […]


Can someone who can’t eat fish survive in Portugal for long?

FREE Tickets to Wine, Women & Shoes (just comment and click here for further details). Well, I did for 10 successful days, but it wasn’t always simple. This image was taken at Porto de Santa Maria, on Guincho Road. It’s located on the Atlantic Ocean, north of Lisbon. The freshness of the fish is what […]