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Misleading Move to Monetize Historic Legacy in the Famed Napa Valley?

Perhaps a bit late to the party, but an issue that’s still near and dear to my heart, having worked and walked in Mondavi’s To-Kalon Vineyard. During that time, I was aware that we, at Robert Mondavi, were sharing that vineyard land with other wine companies, too, under contracts. When I heard that Constellation brands […]


The Monoploy Game Needs to Create a New Version Using Wine Companies

The back side of the wine business completely reminds me of one of my favorite childhood games, Monopoly, because this is all it seems to me as an outside observer. Every time I read a headline like this one from Wine Business: “Report: Brown-Forman to sell wine business ~ And the lead into that is, […]


David Falchek of Scranton, Pennsylvania ~ Wine Writer #28

David Falchek has been on my radar screen for years. Only time has separated us from connecting. I remember once telling a wine publication editor that there are thousands of wine writers, and he was astounded. I’m not, because I’ve been building a data base since 1993, and it grows daily, especially with the advent […]