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Fundamentals of Modern Wine Chemistry: March 8-9, 2018

The course is taught in an interactive format in which questions and comments are welcomed and real world dilemmas are explored. Feel free to bring any wine you would like to share. Participants must be 21 years of age or older.


The Postmodern Winemaking Symposium ~ Third Annual

Join us behind the curtain of standard platitudes to tap into the cutting edge of wine science and taste the liquid visions of seasoned veterans and emerging hipster winemakers.


Is Petite Sirah, that Special Black Opal of the Wine World, a Winemaker’s Wine? Winemakers weigh in

Through my 10 year relationship with this heritage variety and PS I Love You, I’ve come to believe that Petite Sirah is a winemaker’s wine; otherwise, why would the 8o0+ winemakers who craft it even bother with it? Why wouldn’t they just be using it as a blending ingredient, as they did from the 1970s […]


Ninth Annual Petite Sirah Symposium to Have Live Broadcast

The Ninth Annual Petite Sirah Symposium is again sold out. If, however, you didn’t sign up, but would like to be there via a live broadcast, it will be available via Ustream at; and, it will also be available on the PS l Love You site at [Photo: Jim Concannon] We will be […]


The Fundamentals of Wine Chemistry ~ March 26-27, 2011

This two-day, immersion course is taught by Clark Smith of Grape Craft Wines. From personal experience: Clark is one of the most brilliant winemakers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and knowing in the last 18 years of my professional wine career. Several times he’s been a guest speaker at the annual Petite Sirah Symposium […]


Further Defining Petite Sirah’s AVA Characteristics

[SIDEBAR: Five copies of the book Corked, by Kathryn Borel, will be given away this Saturday. Just leave a comment on today’s blog entry, to be registered to win. Winners will be announced on Saturday.] The very first wine writer that I discovered who really loves Petite Sirah is Dan Berger. I’ve since identified a […]