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Around the Wine World in Eight Days – Chile

Today is the second day of Around the Wine World in Eight Days, so today is Chile! Turkey – Tuesday Chile – Wednesday Argentina – Thursday France – Friday And we’re taking off the weekend, sightseeing in France Spain – Monday Germany – Tuesday Australia – Wednesday New Zealand – Thursday   Top 10 Things […]


Left handers day says Iift you lift with your right then you are left with your left

I taught this to my children, beginning with my first born, starting in 1973. It was an easy way to have them learn which hand was which. “If you write with your right, then you’re left with your left. And, if you write with your left, you’re left with your right.” The second line came […]


An Argument against and for children in wine country… How do you vote?

MEL810: I was an only child and thus, I was taken to many adult venues that most children did not attend, such as cocktail parties, good restaurants, films aimed at adults, etc. (not so-called ‘adult’ films, however,) I also went to my parents’ workplaces and on political ‘get out the vote’ campaigns. But I didn’t […]