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11 Most Expensive Wines Ever Sold ~ by Randi Glazer

I was asked, once again, to share my blog for a writer. Most of them are shills for free advertising. But this time I wanted to dig deeper. It sounded interesting. Wine that will never be enjoyed? Perhaps… The Pitch by Kim Bettasso for Randi Glazer Hey Jo, I’m Kim, Content Manager for Randi Glazer. […]


Bordeaux ~ The Aquitaine Region ~ partie huit

I’m learning about Bordeaux, a big piece of my wine puzzle that’s been missing since I began my wine journey in 1993. When one moves from a state like Maine to California, California wines just take over, especially if you make California wine your business and not a hobby. [Do you know that Maine is […]


My Perfect Dream Cellar… A Girl Can Dream, Right?

If I were to fill a perfect wine cellar,  I’d begin with three cases of wine. With no price restrictions, this is my dream cellar. I’d begin with high end collectibles. I wouldn’t fill a cellar with everyday wines, either… That’s what my refrigerator and wine rack are for. Here are are my top collectibles […]