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Best Wine Books of 2010 ~ For your Holiday Shopping Needs ~ Day 1

This past year, I’ve received a good amount of wine books for my reading pleasure, and also for reviewing. I may have come across something for almost everyone for this holiday season. Here are my categories below, so you can quickly know if there’s something on your shopping list. Please read below the list for […]


As My Mother Used to Say, “A word to the wise”

Straight up, the greatest insult bloggers get today is this question, “What are your numbers?” I’m continually astounded by people who query me about something they want me to help them promote, and then at the end of it all ask, “What are your numbers?” Yes, print media publications have those numbers handy at the […]


Has The Web 2.0 Marcoshifting Finally Settled In? And, Guess Who’s Now Wine Blogging

This blog posting has been inspired by Charlie Olken, of Connoisseurs Guide to California Wine. Bear with me… The indented paragraphs are setting an important stage. What follows after this introduction is something very exciting about our pal Charlie. Web 2.0 caused a huge marcoshift in publishing. No one is going to argue that one […]