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Social media is a very effective marketing tool + Lodi + Oak Farm Vineyards

How PR works social media has amplified the process, as we all now know [Photo: Wilfred Wong] Nothing new in the title, “Social media is a very effective marketing tool.” However… sitting on both sides of the fence of being a PR pro and a published writer, I’m impressed with other PR people and their […]


Tiny Suisun Valley and Behemoth E.J. Gallo

UPDATE FROM ROGER KING on Facebook: Roger King ~ Jo, it is too early to prejudge sad day, we will see where this all goes and prepare for the next leg up. The underlying reality is Suisun Valley has water and that is a great thing going forward (and why they bought). ———————————————— Years ago […]


Why Are Americans Fascinated with Import Wines?

There’s a very simple answer to this, and it took sitting with Delfim Costa of Enoforum Wines to have it explained to me. In other places around the world, the cost of labor and goods isn’t anywhere near what it is in the US. As a result, great wines of regionality and careful crafting can […]