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When Carl Doumani Calls ~ A Petite Master Has Answers

How appropriate that I get to write about PS I Love You and Petite Sirah on Valentine’s day. Years ago, when I was loving the architecture of Carl Doumani’s Quixote Winery, in a meeting we had set up for an interview, we had finished chatting and he gifted his time-worn Hundertwasser book to me. I […]


When Art Becomes Architecture ~ Friedensreich Hundertwasser & Quixote Winery

[The above image is one that I have borrowed from the Quixote Winery Website. When I was there, I didn’t have this elevation advantage that allows for you to see Quixote’s completely unique place in space.] Although proprietor Carl Doumani is a wine producer, he’s the first to admit that he’s not a winemaker. This […]