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Air Cork, a fun and practical gadget

Air cork is a fun wine preserver. I’m more of a “stick the wine in the refrigerator” kinda gal, not opting for using nitrogen gas to displace the air, when I put my wine away. This also included red wine. Putting left-over wine into a cool situation is going to extend the drinkability of any […]


Removing a Cork Is a Piece of Cake, Seriously!

People struggle all the time, including nervous waitservers, when removing corks from a bottle, whether we’re alone or with a group of friends. Why is pulling out a little tiny cork out of a bottle so darn intimidating? Because very few of us in our American culture were raised on wine; so we don’t know […]


Hey, Put a Cork In It!

Having read a story about cork in the Wall Street Journal called, “Plastic or real cork: Which is the better way to seal a wine bottle?” it got me thinking, and I became interested enough to actually sign up for being able to comment on their Website. My comment was: CORK: I’ll always choose natural […]


Put a Cork In It… And You’ll Plant A Tree

I once wrote, “Oh, Put a Cork in It!” after having returned from Portugal and seeing cork trees during harvest time. It made me realize how truly special cork trees are. They’re renewable, they’re recyclable, they’re the bomb! How about reusable?! Now, the California Wine Club (CWC) and their “Put a Cork in It” nationwide […]