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This Full Moon in Libra calls for and demands extreme balance – Iron Horse Bubbles

Oct 27, 2015: Today, the Libra Sun is opposite the Aries Moon (Balance from Libra, and martial energy from Aries; it’s a powerful one, people, and what’s in your glass could give you great balance is a very energizing way. Are you ready for that kind of energy? (I am.) I stopped being an astrologer […]


A Beautiful Day in Wine Country at Iron Horse Vineyards

After spending Earth Day at Iron Horse Vineyards, I was inspired to take the best of my images and make an image video. There are lots of country images in this one, and it’s a quick three minute walk into Russian River Valley. Jazz music (with some strings)… be prepared. It’s called: Earth Day with […]


Where Better to Spend Earth Day Than With Mother Earth Joy Sterling?

I’ll never forget the day… Last Thanksgiving was about to arrive and I wanted an Iron Horse Sparkling. When Iron Horse is just minutes away from where you live, it’s a quiet ride that allows for thinking and exploring, besides a wine purchase. I had sent Joy an Email the morning before Thanksgiving that read, […]