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The marketing costs for a 50 dollar bottle of wine

The marketing costs for a $50 bottle of wine breaks down in the following way, within the three-tier system: 7% – cost of grapes and/or growing ~ $3.50 9% – cost of wine making ~ $4.50 4% – bottles, corks, boxes, labels ~ $2.00 2% – marketing ~ $1.00 13% – sales people, distribution from […]


How much wine comes from one vine?

“How much wine comes from one vine?” you ask… The answer is going to be an average. It’s important that you know that right off the bat. I just left a vineyard where half of the fruit lay on the ground. The grapes were cut from the vine so that the last push for sugar […]


Is bigger better… or… Does the weight of a bottle have anything to do with the quality of the wine?

How do you feel about the weight of wine bottles these days? I know of one wine writer who, when the bottles began to take on the “Big Boy” effect, had serious issues right away. It’s only been within the last 10 years that wine bottles have put on the extra pounds… As part of […]


Playing around in wine country ~ ZinZig™

ZinZig™ arrived at my door step the other day; it’s the new wine drinking game from True Fabrications. This wine drinking game, unlike others that we’ve all played ~ like taking a sip of wine every time the word “Pecker” comes up in the movie “Pecker” ~ this game has a real educational function about […]


What if restaurants listed the alcohol percentage of the wine on their wine lists?

I know, I know… this opens up a can of worms. That said, I just had a glass of wine in Napa Valley at Rutherford Grill last week, and it was so hot it nearly burned my throat. It was a Viognier; it lacked all varietal character, and I thought to myself, “This wine is […]


Air Cork, a fun and practical gadget

Air cork is a fun wine preserver. I’m more of a “stick the wine in the refrigerator” kinda gal, not opting for using nitrogen gas to displace the air, when I put my wine away. This also included red wine. Putting left-over wine into a cool situation is going to extend the drinkability of any […]


Excuse me, how long has this bottle been open?

I’ve found myself asking that questions many times, and I’m not afraid to do it when I’ve ordered a wine and it’s just lost that loving’ feelin.’ I was just reminded of this, and realized it’s a good wine blog topic, after having read my PS I Love You member Larry Schaffer on Facebook. Larry […]


Removing a Cork Is a Piece of Cake, Seriously!

People struggle all the time, including nervous waitservers, when removing corks from a bottle, whether we’re alone or with a group of friends. Why is pulling out a little tiny cork out of a bottle so darn intimidating? Because very few of us in our American culture were raised on wine; so we don’t know […]


Wedding wine lists for the summer ~ How much to buy?

[Pictured: My daughter and son-in-law, Melanie and Heath Hoffman at Pacific Star Winery exchanging their vows.] Occasionally I am asked for help, and this is one of the questions that comes up… especially in the spring. Always the big questions are, “How much wine is enough, and what’s a great value wine? We’re on a […]


How Much Wine Comes From One Vine & Bottle Sizes

On average, one plant equals about 14 pounds of fruit, if crop isn’t dropped in substantial amounts. One plant will then equal about five (750 milliliter) bottles of wine. One gallon is equal to 5 bottles of wine. The following are averages, because viticulturists ultimately decided how many plants there will be on one acre […]