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Acorn Winery ~ 25 years in the making and worth the celebration

Acorn Winery  & Alegría Vineyard When Acorn Winery was just a twinkle in Bill Nachbaur‘s eye, I was there to see the glow. At that time, Bill and Betsy Nachbaur only owned Alegría Vineyards, and Bill was getting itchy to see what his grapes would taste like, if he were involved in the winemaking process. […]


60 different grape varieties, what would you do with them: Acorn Winery has an answer…

A question that I can’t help but ask, “If you grew 60 different grape varieties, what would you do with them?” The reason for asking this is that I just met with Bill and Betty Nachbaur of Acorn Winery, for a second time. I say second time, because I met with both of them, not […]


Finally, after nine years, I have some long awaited answers about Petite Sirah

Having nine years invested in studying and writing about Petite Sirah (I dare say, more than most people in the world right now), I just got some very exciting and long awaited answers. These are answers that only nine years of studying, wondering, and trying to understand this cult variety would conger up… Namely, what […]