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Guide to Holiday Wines ~ What to Give to Whom, or What to Enjoy and When ~ Happy Holidaze!

Holiday Office Party If you’re buying for the party, you don’t have to skimp on quality when buying in quantity for the office party. How about a Caposaldo Prosecco? Or… If you’re each bringing a wine, go for the bubbles, because it’s so traditional, and this one is a great value. Bubbles inspired everyone to […]


Twenty-First Century Ode To a 2010 Falcone Family Vineyard 2010 Chardonnay

Oh, Falconé on my palate, all burnt butterscotch, cremé brule linger… As I get my life in order, how lovely to have you become mine, All mine, as I go about my business… You ~ perhaps ~ should have been saved for guests And for r-e-a-l-l-y creative culinary and end product results, But no, it […]


Wines From Around The Globe ~ Recently Enjoyed

See these great wines that our customers love. One of the greatest joys of my gig as a wine blogger is to occasionally have wine show up on my doorstep. It doesn’t happen all the time, because I’m so non-traditional as bloggers go… I don’t consistently do anything, because that’s my nature. I’m a mutable […]


Put a Cork In It… And You’ll Plant A Tree

I once wrote, “Oh, Put a Cork in It!” after having returned from Portugal and seeing cork trees during harvest time. It made me realize how truly special cork trees are. They’re renewable, they’re recyclable, they’re the bomb! How about reusable?! Now, the California Wine Club (CWC) and their “Put a Cork in It” nationwide […]


A Wine Shaman Who Explores the Depths of Wine ~ Dr. Sondra Barrett

If someone is a scientist… let’s say with a 40 year background of studying molecular conglomerations as a biochemist… one might imagine that person could never (under any circumstance) think about wine as having a soul. Why? If it’s not visible to the naked eye or even under a microscope, this could be a gigantic […]


Fat Corks Are Welcomed Here!

There are a couple of things related to birth that happened to me over the weekend. I became a doula. I helped one of my three daughters deliver her baby; not only at home, but it was also a water birth. This daughter is a certified yoga instructor (among other high achievements), and was well […]


Why Are Palates So European Centric on the East Coast? Easy…

I believe I may have found an answer, through my 19 years of observations, visiting both parts of the country extensively, and by living on both coasts – each for extended periods of time. Here’s what stuck me as pretty true, as I began to write my assessments of Elliot Essman’s Use Wine to Make […]


Virginie Boone ~ Wine Writer 41 ~ Wine Enthusiast Wine Critic

Before Virginie Boone was working with Wine Enthusiast, she held her own as a wine writer. I first became aware of her at the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. Windsor, California is a bedroom community to Santa Rosa, so she was one of “our own.” When I had heard that she had been hired with Wine […]


Wine Public Service Announcement: Are you allergic to fish?

I’ve wrestled with this one for a long time. I’m about 95 percent from the school of thought, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” The other five percent of me shows that I’ve not completely mastered this one, yet. Alas, I’m still human, and sometimes don’t always carefully […]


Why do imports seem to cost less than domestic wines? Answer is quite simple.

Because they do cost less. And below is the reason… Each day I analyze who is clicking onto my blog, from aggregated sources. I found my story about Marlene Rossman, an extraordinary wine writing talent, at I noticed at the bottom of the story that there was a comment. I also knew, given the […]