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Blessing of a harvest in fall is as important as the blessing of the vines in spring

The blessing of a harvest is a major, religious tradition in all wine regions. In the spring, many ceremonies also occur for the blessing of wine grape vines. I once had to research “why,” when asked; so, I went to my dear friend the Reverend Doctor John Staten. John and his family own Field Stone […]


Soil Monolith ~ a perfect wine gift for the winery owner who seems to have everything

The perfect wine gift, a soil monolith… [Picture of Paul Anamosa borrowed from his Vineyard Soil Technologies Website.] It may seem a bit early to be thinking of the holidays, but wait… I’m reminded of how I used to begin to make sweaters for family members, starting in September, so I’d have enough done in […]


Nikitas Magel of Vinikitas ~ Wine Country Interviewer ~ An Addition to Wine-Blog

UPDATE: August 16, 2014… “It’s not he who comes on strongest, it’s he who lasts longest.”  I’ve just removed the link for Vinikitas, because it no longer is working. Nikitas has left that building… Now: Senior Content Marketing Manager, Marketing Communications ~ RetailNext. —————————————————————————————————– Where would I be today if it weren’t for my three […]