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Seventh Annual PS I Love You’s Dark & Delicious™ event is at it again ~ February 22, 2013

Dark & Delicious is the preeminent, annual Petite Sirah event in all of the world: enjoying 60 important California wineries pouring their Petites, some very rare, older vintage over 30 fine food restaurants, specialty food producers, and caterers …all of whom support this Seventh Annual Petite Sirah extravaganza. Each year, the National Pork Board sponsors […]


Mr. “Slow Foods San Francisco” brings an Italian twist to Mendocino County’s Wine & Mushroom Festival

Who doesn’t love a food and wine event that’s off the beaten path? How about the Wine & Mushroom Festival of Mendocino County? For me, too, I love knowing what the members of PS I Love You are up to. They take Petite Sirah over the top and breathe new breath to this heartiest of […]


In a word…

[image: left to right, John Concannon, Evan Goldstein, Jim Concannon, and Jo Diaz… Jose made me stand still for about two seconds to take this…] After actualizing months of planning, and the long day of putting on an educational symposium, it’s virtually impossible to do anything else of substance that day. That won’t keep me […]


Is Petite Sirah, that Special Black Opal of the Wine World, a Winemaker’s Wine? Winemakers weigh in

Through my 10 year relationship with this heritage variety and PS I Love You, I’ve come to believe that Petite Sirah is a winemaker’s wine; otherwise, why would the 8o0+ winemakers who craft it even bother with it? Why wouldn’t they just be using it as a blending ingredient, as they did from the 1970s […]