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Bucolic Valley ~ a.k.a. Suisun

Behind the scenes, I’ve been connected to Suisun Valley for a very long time. I have the inside skinny on moves happening in “the valley.” Since my relationship began with them, I’ve been very impressed that growers and producers have been able to maintain their core values: being connected to the earth staying clear of […]


An Argument against and for children in wine country… How do you vote?

MEL810: I was an only child and thus, I was taken to many adult venues that most children did not attend, such as cocktail parties, good restaurants, films aimed at adults, etc. (not so-called ‘adult’ films, however,) I also went to my parents’ workplaces and on political ‘get out the vote’ campaigns. But I didn’t […]


Cleavage Creek’s Owner Robert H. “Budge” Brown is Missing

TODAY’S UPDATE: Saying Goodbye to Robert “Budge” Brown ~ RIP ~ May 18, 2011 ~ Story is above this one on Wine-blog. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SATURDAY’S UPDATE from KGO: “LAKE TAHOE (KGO) — In the search for a missing Northern California winery owner, the wreckage of his private plane was found late Friday afternoon in the Sierra. […]