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Zebras have no stripes; it’s a lie perpetrated by the media!

[PHOTO Gratis: Safari West,  taken by Judy Bellah] For those of you who love wine country’s other charms… On April Fools’ Day – Saturday, April 1st – Safari West is playing around and putting a different spin on their Safari Tours. They all felt that it’s a good time to clown around and have some […]


Small bottle phenomenon ~ What a sweet idea, or is it?

Comments this week will be placed in a drawing for a $75.00 gift certificate from True Fabrications. (Just your name will qualify you.) Drawing on Saturday. A few months ago, I received a package that contained six 50-ml size bottles of wine. Each one contained just two ounces. This was totally new packaging for me; […]


Parker Lands on Mars

Image via Wikipedia The year is 2047. After having colonized the moon, man’s search for space has resulted in a successful landing on Mars, where twenty years previously new life forms were discovered. Man has been scrutinizing the Red Planet for centuries, but now that Martians have been clearly identified, we have sent our foremost […]