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0 Integrates Two Leading Winery Reservation Systems has entered into affiliate agreements with the two leading winery reservation systems, and Integrating these systems with makes it easy for tourists to find and make reservations at some of America’s finest wineries. According to proprietor Jim Finley, “Our goal has always been to increase wine tourists’ awareness of the rich […]

2 ~ The best resource for wine travel writers

As a wine travel writer, in order to begin your story, what if you had only one website resource that delivers all of the following: A comprehensive list of wineries from all across the U.S. In-depth information about each winery Visitor reviews and ratings about personal experiences at the wineries An indicator of how good […]


Another Website Devoted to the Wine Industry… Who Cares?

Anyone who values his or her time should care, that’s who. Imagine if you will, living in say – Virginia – for the sake of understanding. You’re a wine lover and all of your friends not only know it, but they also value you as their #1 wine resource. Someone gets the bright idea that […]