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The Life Cycle of a Client: Breaking up can be easy ~ sorta ~ to do, and a grand experience

Having a client is like making a puzzle. YEAR ONE: First you gather all the edges, find the four corners, take the pieces and begin to fill in the border sides, until you have the outside of the box completed. YEARS TWO THROUGH FIVE: Next you begin to place all of the pieces that are […]


Top 11 Things I’ve Learned as a Wine Industry Publicist

These are the top 11 things I’ve learned as a wine publicist, as clients strive to be Number One on the hit parade. They’re worth sharing for anyone who is thinking of hiring a PR firm. These are the things to consider, so that you go into your PR process with a clear understanding of […]


Importers Are the World’s Modern-Day Explorers ~ Value Vines Travels to Portugal: Part I

This blog posting is dedicated to Sally, who asked last week, “After talking with everyone I really want to import wine from Europe… how do I get started?“ To all the Sallys out there… this is why I recommended that you first begin working with someone who knows the ropes; because after a trip like […]


Wine Dinner in New York City at The Modern Sets a City Standard for Opulence

Staging “the” Perfect Meeting with Client and Media If you’re just getting into PR, a perfect setting is really important when you’re planning a meeting. This is my most recent example. I just traveled to New York City to discuss Finisterra and Alente wines (from the Alentejo region of Portugal) with an important group of […]


Learning Portuguese Varieties ~ Enoforum Delivered Fresh Wines from Alentejo Portugal

As a wine publicist, there’s nothing more refreshing or exciting than beginning to learn about a new client. Research comes before development in any story telling process, and that’s the journey right now. Take that process away from anything else I’ve learned in my 16+ year repertoire, and it means that as much as I […]