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Winemaker Video Series ~ Hanzell with Ben Sessions

When I first got into the wine business just about two decades ago, my eyes were opened to a whole new world that was so exciting. I remember saying to myself, “Please, don’t ever let me take any of this for granted.” In those first years, I met a very special woman, Jean Arnold Sessions. […]


Miro Tcholakov of Trentadue Winery Talks About Petite Sirah (Videos)

There are two separate segments with this interview between Jose Diaz of Diaz Communications and Miro Tcholakov, the winemaker for Trentadue Winery. Miro makes wine for both Trentadue Winery and also his own brand, Miro Cellars. Miro’s got the dream job… And, he’s one of the winemakers whom I’ve adored for a very long time. […]


Malbec and Malbec Create a Respite Unlike Any Other

TITLE: Malbec and Malbec Create a Respite Unlike Any Other… Malbec and Malbec = Denis and May-Britt Malbec, the foremost wine making team, with a very unique background and amazing credentials. Respite = Respite Winery, the Alexander Valley, artisan treasure. Bringing the title together: I first met Malbec and Malbec at the recent Charles Reichel […]