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I never wanted to go to jail, but was okay with it this one time…

While traveling to Portugal on wine business… A day in the life of a wine publicist. Trading in drinking bars for prison bars… Who knew? Even the chairs are made of iron… Such punishment. Red table cloth… All the way. A historical piece talks of days when the prison was in full swing. A waiter […]


Exploring the Explorers of Portugal to Reveal the True Passion Behind Their Wines

While in Portugal and the Alentejo wine grape growing region last fall, I was a guest of my client Enoforum Wines. At the time, I received a well-rounded education from my colleague Delfim Costa. It was a huge amount of information, though, and I’m honestly still digesting it all. From the beginning of our relationship, […]


Oh, Put a Cork In It!

Having just read a story about cork in the Wall Street Journal called, “Plastic or real cork: Which is the better way to seal a wine bottle?” it got me thinking, and I became interested enough to actually sign up for being able to comment on their Website. My comment was: CORK: I’ll always choose […]


Amphoras Place in the History of Winemaking, As Seen in Alentejo, Portugal

As I’ve earlier written, To Understand Portuguese Wines, One Must First Understand the People. This continues to be my mantra today, to which I would add the word “history” to what must also be understood. I can now say this, most especially after having spent 10 days in Portugal last fall with Delfim Costa of […]


Why I want to go to Portugal Contest… And The Winner Is…

Sonadora (aka Wannabe Wino)… Enoforum Wines General Manager Delfim Costa, would like to congratulate Sonadora for winning the contest, “Why I Want to Go To Portugal to Visit Enoforum Wines with Jo Diaz.” According to Mr. Costa, “We’re very excited that Sonadora was chosen as the winner of this contest. Today, many wine writers and […]


Contest: Why I Want to Go To Portugal to Visit Enoforum Wines with Jo Diaz

Image via Wikipedia My New Year’s resolution for 2009: “I’m resolved to learn about Portugal’s history and it’s place within the wine world.” In that resolve, I didn’t – in my wildest dreams – think that I’d be traveling to Portugal as part of the educational process, during the course of this year. I just […]