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Tasting 101 Simplified for a Novice ~ Especially if you’re faced with teaching it

I was just asked by someone, who’s writing an article on tips of how to train your palate. He asked if I would be interested in sharing a tip for developing tasting chops.


Brian Mitchell PhD ~ Paying Attention to Analyzing Gen Y

[Purchased photo credit: Olaf Speier] Let me begin by saying that the only formal study I’ve had with Gen Y, is raising three lovely daughters, observing them 24/7/365 at different levels of living, for however many years each one is old. Now, I observe each of them with her own family, and the children that […]


The Honor of Organic Wines, as Taught to Me by Fabius

During the 1960s, I crossed over into the antidisestablishmentarianism movement. It was a very exciting time… part of the bra burning process. It wasn’t necessarily easy, because I was in the business of fashion at the time, and my persona took quite a diva dive. I went natural, nursing three daughters.  Never once did a […]