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We’re all in Pursuit of Balance

I just got this E-Mail; although, I also read their press release, so I did know about this one. Dear Friends, We announced yesterday that we’re closing IPOB at the end of 2016. Therefore there will not be another membership tasting. We are very grateful for your interest in IPOB, and we wish you all the best in […]


The side of democracy that our founding fathers never saw coming… the double edge of that sword

I run the risk of sounding pugnacious as I write this… I  know. And, I may never hit the send button. If you’re reading this, I decided to publish it, with this immediate disclaimer. Please don’t think that I’m just a whiny wench. I’m extremely frustrated and just trying to work it out in my […]


The Challenges of Operating a Single Variety Advocacy Group

This is a presentation that I am giving today at the Midwest Grape & Wine Conference in Rhineland, MO. As the executive director of PSILY, I was asked to deliver The Challenges of Operating a Single Varietal Advocacy Group. I’m not sure this is what they were looking for, but it is what I face […]