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How to monetize your wine blog – seriously

This has been a wine bloggers question since wine blogging began. It’s a topic of conversation both in seminars and outside of them at the annual Wine Blogger Conferences. No one has yet to figure it out, but I now have, after much thought. I have no such fantasies, by the way, because my wine […]


Advertising makes the world go round, and writers are in the food chain

I just came across my friend Steve Heimoff‘s blog entitled, “The [increasingly] dark side of social media.” It’s really fun to watch Steve try to wrap his mind around social media, because truthfully… Steve is one of the few people in the world who is a true journalist; that’s to say, he doesn’t understand the […]


The Latest Trend in Marketers ~ Not PR People, But Marketers Going After Bloggers

It’s happening more and more, and I’m writing this to not only reveal the trend, but to also go on record to say, “Not on my watch, please.” Here’s the pitch: “Hope you’re keeping well. I’m just getting in touch to ask if you’re open to accepting content from freelance writers; if so, I’d love […]


Ten Wine Marketing Take-Aways From Times²

Having just returned from meeting my Alentejo client Delfim Costa, and our new importer Adele Capela (Value Vines) in New York City, my Times Square experience is still swimming around inside of my head. First of all, the last time I was in Time Square experiencing it was in the 1980s.  Jose and I traveled […]


What’s a Non Profit Wine Group to Do? Thoughts From an Executive Director

Weekly Holidaze Drawing: Just leave a comment on any wine-blog entry this month, to win gifts this December: As I read a wine writer’s newsletter with a story from a guest commentator, it really got me thinking… It was a story about how many wine groups there are, and it came from an outsider… not […]


“Still Partying” Thoughts That Might Hold Some Answers

Here’s a comment that I received in response to my Wine Spectator blog, which came from the Open Wine Consortium Website. It was asked by Ron McFarland of New Zealand Foods, and is a look with predictions into the future of advertising. Time will tell if any of this makes sense or not. Jo You are pretty […]


Wine Spectator’s Still Partying Like it’s More Than $19.99

Marvin Shanken with guests The annual Sonoma County gathering just happened at Hotel Healdsburg, with their Napa party “coming soon.” BYOM ~ Bring Your Own Magnum… and everyone did just that. Each year, it’s a social get together of the most connected to this print and on-line magazine. As arriving guests walked up Matheson Street […]


Alternative Wine Marketing is Now Edging Toward Becoming Traditional

Welcome to what I’m now referring to as the “electronics communications revolution.” Just two years ago, this wasn’t a thought in my head on any given day. Last year, it began to creep in as something possible. Today, it’s happening in nanoseconds. Just as the industrial revolution was a tumultuous upheaval that our forefathers had […]


What is PR and How to Best Leverage It

There are so many articles written about how to hire a PR firm, but it’s nearly impossible to find anything that goes the other way; namely, how to best leverage a PR firm once it’s been hired. Defined: Public relations (PR) is the practice of managing the flow of information between an organization and its […]


Rocky Mountain News ~ Sign of the Times

This is my 500th Wine-blog submission… About 50 of the entries have been from others who are talented and I’ve given them space. The other 450 have come from my heart and soul, with no monetary compensation, just a passion to share wine business stories. As I write this entry, I can’t help but reflect […]