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Wine writer Harvey Steiman writes: Oregon Group Pushes Pinot Gris, Will a new gang of wineries draw adherents to the unsung varietal?

Good question, Harvey, and I like that “unsung varietal” thing. I know I’ll be quoting you for years to come. To answer that question, I’d say we’ve got a good buzz started: Media attention for the group so far, with a few mentions about the effort before the actual launch. Granted, there are a few […]


The Challenges of Operating a Single Variety Advocacy Group

This is a presentation that I am giving today at the Midwest Grape & Wine Conference in Rhineland, MO. As the executive director of PSILY, I was asked to deliver The Challenges of Operating a Single Varietal Advocacy Group. I’m not sure this is what they were looking for, but it is what I face […]


Welcome to the Variety Society!

Just yesterday I was asked to proof an entry for a client in an upcoming book. There it was: “Top Varietals” Pinot Noir and Petite Sirah Well, when one of my fellow bloggers was nudged by David W. Gates of Saintsbury for using varietal versus variety, I had to send David an Email asking what […]


Colonnara Viticultori in Cupramontana ~ In the Castelli di Jesi region of Le Marche

[PHOTO: Jo Diaz – Cupramontana Headquarters] To understand wine, first we need understand its culture and people. The first time I wrote that was in 2009, just prior to a trip to Portugal. This thought was just reaffirmed, as I’m newly returned from an Italian adventure, in the epicenter of the Renaissance. This story is about […]


Welcome to Hungary with Count Karolyi’s Grüner Veltliner 2016 ~ Wine of the Week

Sample wines provided by Quintessential Wines ~ Count Karolyi Grüner Veltliner 2016 PREFACE – PART 2 ~ WHITE WINES My structure: World Regions ~ FIRST HEART ~ THE WINERY: info is coming from the company’s own statements I can’t make up their history Nor am I to try SCIENCE ~ WINEMAKING I can’t make up their […]


Do You Craft a High End Grenache or a Grenache Blend, or in the Wine Business and Passionate about Grenache?

THE SOMM JOURNAL As a public service to The Tasting Panel, if you are a producer that crafts a high end Grenache or a Grenache Blend, you have an opportunity to pour at a walk-around tasting in the LA area. There’s no fee, just pour your wine and have someone to represent the brand.  Space […]


The Role of the Mission Cultivar in American Wine History

Let’s remember that grapes are part of the American landscape. I used to wait patiently, under my grandmother’s arbor, for her Concord (Vitis labrusca) grapes to ripen in Maine’s sunshine. She’d then put the juice right into her Concord jelly. It was always on our Thanksgiving table. Thomas Jefferson tried ever so hard to make […]


Fun with Astrology and Wine Pairings

I spent about 10 years enjoying the reading and studying that I did with astrology, beginning in the 60s.  I wanted to know how Leon Pinkham could read my astrology chart via an ephemeris, and know so much about me in that reading; telling me things about myself, that I didn’t even want to admit to […]


Wines of the Week ~ For The Solar Eclipse ~ Concha y Toro Frontera After Midnight and Moonlight

[Image from Navicore] On August 12, my husband and I went outside, pulled up the lawn chairs, got under our blankets, and watched the night sky. We were hoping that the meteor shower would be spectacular. It didn’t disappoint, with one brilliant, gigantic streak that had entered our atmosphere and shot across the sky in […]


Dear Abby of Wine, Please let me pick your brain

I wish I had time to just take questions and answers, and be paid handsomely. I’d spend the rest of the day eating bonbons and writing kids’ books. Alas, that extra time is spent answering a myriad of questions I never saw coming. Good ones, I’ll give them that. I get a lot of really […]