DISCLAIMER: Wine-Blog is a journal of my PR wine activities and learnings. 1) I occasionally write stories about wine clients, but don’t charge them hours for that time. 2) Wine reviews (and trips) originate from free samples sent by PR people representing the brands. 3) Images are either mostly mine, some are purchased; a few rare ones are part of fair trade usage.


Please DON’T contact me to provide me with free writing content.

My blog is my wine journal. If you’re not living inside of my head, and you’re not, I won’t allow for your non-wine client’s like buried inside Wine 101 Basic information, which I’ve already covered. (It’s the buried link to some corporation that I find objectionable, from non wine people.)

  • I only write about what I experience.
  • I also  will provide public service announcements for the wine industry.
  • I can’t do anything for something like this one: “I wanted to pass an article by your screen that I think you may find interesting for Wine Blog. ”
    • It’s not going to happen. Save yourself some time.
  • Thank you…


Jo Diaz


USE of My Copy Writing

I don’t mind being aggregated – BY NEWS AGENCIES, only; however, under no circumstance, except for a credited quote, do NOT take my copy to your site and simply use my copy with no author attributed to Jo Diaz, or state that you are the author; i.e., “Written by Name-the-Perpetrator.”

Regarding My Photographs

Approximately 90 percent of the photography on my blog are images that I’ve personally taken. Others; I’ve either purchased (nine percent), or less than one percent are part of the Free Terms of Use Agreement.

Please don’t copy any of my intellectual property.

If you have a wine blog, and would like to use one of my images, please give me the following photo credit, and you do NOT have to contact me, as long as there is a photo credit with a link. What to type: PHOTO CREDIT: Wine Blog ~ Juicy Tales by Jo Diaz (

I sell images for limited use, but not for complete copyright purposes.  Original copyright will always belong to Jo Diaz.

E-mail me for purchasing and transferring of the file(s).

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