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Dear Wine Brands and Importers, Let Me Give You a Piece of Solid PR 101 Advice

Dear Wine Brands and Importers, We need to get something into balance, here… This is a bit redundant, but I’m going to repeat it again, anyway, because it’s an issue that’s not going away. Regardless of how much I (and others) write about it. Still, this is a fresh take on an old issue. First […]


Road Warrior Survival Guide ~ It’s not about anything but common courtesy

If you’ve read this one before, you know there’s room for additions. This was first published in Wine Business Monthly. It’s one of my rare rants, and was born from being on the road a bit too much (I think) at the time. While my schedule has slowed down, the following behaviors haven’t… Enjoy! We […]


No answer is an answer

No answer is an answer, if you don’t understand that yet. When “no” is an answer, it t can mean several things: The person is on vacation The person isn’t quite sure what to say and needs more time to think about it It’s a “no,” but the person is not even going to get […]


Speed Tasting, What’s Your Opinion?

Okay, I’m from the Charm School generation. Seriously, my mother sent me to school to learn how to set a table, walk with a book on my head, and know how to wear gloves. (I’m might have flunked it… I’m not quite sure.) Regardless, I did pick up a few things along the way. I […]


Wine Basics ~ The Beginners Guide, by Brett Graham

Last Friday, I talked about A Fabulous Holiday Gift for Your Favorite Wine Enthusiast ~ Le Nez Du Vin by Jean Lenoir. The Le Nez du Vin wine aroma kits, although great for beginners to get a handle on wine aromas, is more suited to a bit more advanced wine enthusiasts… people who fancy themselves […]


How many times have you heard “carboy?” Did you ever wonder about its derivative?

During harvest, this is a good word to know, if you don’t already know it. Carboy is a common term in winemaking. I’ve heard it now for about two decades, always wondering about the derivative. It’s usually talked about in wine cellars, and is a vessel used for a small fermentation. This is a clue […]


Was the first economic enterprise winemaking rather than prostitution?

Here’s what I’m thinking… if the oldest profession was supposedly prostitution, what was it that the cave man gave his female companion? He didn’t have money. He may have had a piece of meat, but heck… anyone in those days could ring the neck of a chicken, if need be. (Sorry, chickens of the world.) […]


American Viticultural Area (AVA) ~ How Suisun Valley Got Its Name

Working with the Suisun Valley AVA, I’ve wondered more than once how Suisun Valley got its original name. My duties have been to tell everyone what’s going on in the valley today; however, always in the background has been that question. I’ve heard snippets about Native Americans, but nothing that was really sticking with me. […]