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Contactless Curbside Pickup Now Available ~ Covid-19 Adaptation

Making lemonade from lemons, during Covin-19… This may be a state by state legalization issue. In North Carolina, Raffaldini Vineyards & Winery is now offering this way of purchasing wine. It does put cars on the road, so there may even be road blocks along the way to consider, as you try to argue “necessity.” […]


Earth Day in Wine Country ~ You are what you eat AND DRINK

You are what you eat AND DRINK… Why have we missed stating the obvious DRINK part for so long? As you think about this question, consider where we’d be today, if – in the 60s – we would have chanted this concept, with “drink” also included. Then, our children would be further ahead in their […]


Shipping wine in the US no longer a nightmare for understanding, thanks to Wine Enthusiast

Thanks, Wine Enthusiast Magazine for making shipping wine in the US no longer a nightmare for understanding. This info graphic changes that constant and complicated moving target, with the easiest way to figure this out EVER. Jose and I have helped so many clients as Diaz Communications, when they make those Direct-to-Consumer decisions. I’ve learned over […]


Oregon, and how vintners feel ~ Oregon Pinot Gris marketing group answers an objection ~ Paul Gregutt Adds Advice

Oregon needs to stay focused on how to build its wine industry, in my humble opinion. Below is a conversation that went back and forth with a vintner. It’s always interesting to hear an objection, because it’s insightful. What I saw from the objection is that some vintners would rather leave all marketing to the […]


What’s The Wine Industry’s Unperceived Future?

Beyond Bill HR 5034 being passed… As I was about to dive into page 37 of Sondra Barrett’s Wine’s Hidden Beauty, I read the follow title and entrance to the sentence… And began to ponder. Sondra wrote: The Critics A great controversy brews in the wine industry. Are wine critics….. That’s were my blink happened, […]


Yesterday I Asked. Today We have Answers, and It’s Not Pretty

Yesterday, I was struck by how much money is being spent on lobbyists in the wine and spirits industry. I just knew something was fishy in Denmark. Here’s what I wrote in my final analysis, after I listed all the money and who is spending it: When you click on any of these links, don’t […]


Wine Tax Against Grape Growers Fails

This was just sent to me by Assemblymember Pedro Nava. It’s a huge relief to have someone within the Assembly watching out for wine grape growers during these very difficult economic times: Assemblymember Pedro Nava Votes Against Winery Tax Increase… Sacramento – Assemblymember Pedro Nava (D-Santa Barbara & Ventura) voted against Assembly Bill 1019, a […]