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Children Should Be Welcomed Here ~ Wine Country

When I worked at Robert Mondavi Winery, I loved all aspects of being there, with one exception. I had a really hard time with the repetition of Wine 101 three to four times a day. I reached the point of feeling like I was channeling Lily Tomlin, doing her Broadway hit of “Searching for Sings […]

Tales of a Winery Tour Guide ~ Rumble, Tumble, Fumble, and Bumble

Link: Menu for Hope auction lot details Back to my Robert Mondavi Winery days on this one, because I gathered the best stories while working there. Winery Tour Guide This day delivered a tour with four overly rambunctious boys, Rumble, Tumble, Fumble, and Bumble, I dare say. There were decidedly not happy about being in […]

Tales of a Winery Tour Guide ~ “Mr. Question”

When I see a negative, repetitive behavior, that’s always fodder for a good joke. Laughing helps me to emotionally survive. Sometimes, however, I witness something just once and instantly know that its uniqueness is worth repeating with a few good punch lines. This is one story that when I tell it, it’s usually easy to […]