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1000 corks – two things about that

1000 Corks Does anyone need or want 1,000 corks? I’ve just emptied a wine barrel with over 3,000 corks and don’t want to just throw them away. If you pay for shipping for 1,000 of them, I’ll send them to you. 1,000 corks, the Website   1000 Corks, the offer Please email me: 1000 […]


How do you consider the three-tier system in the wine world of the US to be functioning?

Through NAWR Associate Membership, individuals and businesses that may not be retailers, may be just starting out as wine retailers or may merely support the principles that guide NAWR can join with liked mined concerns in supporting NAWR goals.


Barefoot Screaming Eagle sticker shock

Barefoot Screaming Eagle sticker shock is what I call this one… People who buy Barefoot Cellars wines are people who have progressed from Two Buck Chuck, because Barefoot takes the time to put a gold medal on their bottles. Yes, Two Buck Chuck has also received medals, but do they take the time to sticker […]


It all boils down to Parker, Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, and Tanzer, in the Total Wine World

“Back in the day” (pre social media), the following four … Parker, Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, and Tanzer … along with Charlie Olken ruled wine with an iron fist. And, they still do, boys and girls. This are just my observances from 20+ years of experiences, while being on the inside of the wine world. […]


The that came to me

Sometimes I feel like I’m getting lazy, like when I can’t get myself out of my chair, drive to a tasting room, and do the work (as if tasting wine is such hard work). Still, when you’re surrounded by tasting rooms, it’s easy to become complacent… I made a promise to myself, however, when I […]


Are you laboring today? Are you enjoying wine?

We have grapes to fit all tastes, visit today! I am… Today’s Labor Day, and I’m laboring. I have no labor union to keep me from working an 80 to 100 hour week, and for that I’m thankful. That said, there are others who need to have the boss man be kept from abusing workers. […]


Wrap Up Your Holiday Gift Giving in Style ~ Bella Vita Bags Just Blew My Mind

While it may be too late to purchase any of these bags for Thanksgiving, I know what many of you are going to be doing the day after Thanksgiving. Have I got some bags for you that will make your gifts of wine so easily and amazingly packaged. I was asked by Marisa China of […]


The Importance of Retailers ~ Mine is Traverso’s

In my quest to become a member of The Wine Century Club, I was just reminded of the importance of retailers. They’re the link between the vineyards and the all important point-of-purchase. Retailers play one of the most important roles as wine purchasing influencers in our lives. As Jose and I just looked at Traverso’s […]


Enoteca Della Santina ~ NEXT DOOR

Following a perfect marketing model, Ron Kantor went against the grain, and has created his own perfect world at Enoteca Della Santina, with a partner, Robert Della Santina. Robert is the restaurateur and proprietor of the legendary Tratoria Della Santina, located in the heart of Sonoma,  just off the historic square at 127 E. Napa […]

Wine Appreciation Guild ~ Elliott Mackey

Yesterday I received an Email from Matt Apsokardu of Classic Wines, asking if I’d provide a link for his retail Web site on my blog. Honestly, I haven’t even thought about a retail advocacy category. As I told Matt, this blog primarily has links for others who are also blogging (in reciprocity), my wine clients […]