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Instead of Wine, Women, and Song; How about Wine, Men and Song?

I’m thinking the title of “Wine, Women, and Song” must have emanated from a man somewhere at some point in time… The odds are in favor of it being created this way. If I’m wrong, I stand corrected. As a woman, I see “Wine, Men, and Song,” as a more interesting phenomena; maybe that’s because […]


She’s Drinkin’ California Wine

Governor Arnold has declared that September is California Wine Month, so this is inspired by that… She’s drinin’ California Wine, yea she’s lost her mind, I hear she’s doin’ fine, she’s got all the time for California wine… I love being queried for what others think you guys would enjoy knowing about, because it means […]


A Really Reluctant Blog Posting about R.A. Harrison Family Cellars

[Image of Nobility was borrowed from the R.A. Harrison Family Cellars Website.] Why am I reluctant? Not because there’s anything wrong with Roger Harrison’s effort as a winemaker; but, rather, because there’s everything right about it… To write his story would mean that I’d have to open his bottle of nectar; and, I’m not one […]


How do Hurricane Katrina and wine come together in the same breath?

The wine writers I’ve featured on this blog, up to this point, have been people I’ve worked with over the years. Recently, I was asked by wine writer Lorrie LeBeaux if I’d write about her on my blog. Lorrie S. LeBeaux ~ originally from New Orleans ~ Wine Writer #37… “Hum…” I thought to myself, […]


We Scored the Scores ~ Petite Sirah With Alacia Van’s Music ~ Part 2

Continuing with yesterday, where I set the stage for this Petite Sirah tasting paired with Jazz music… For me, Alacia Van’s music seemed to match Petite Sirah pretty well… Jazzy, bluesy, not what one would traditionally be expecting in today’s world of new music… even by Jazz standards. But, that’s what it was… The jazz […]


We Scored the Scores ~ Petite Sirah With Alacia Van’s Music ~ Part 1

[Photos in this blog posting were taken by Jose Diaz of Left to right around the table: Jo Diaz, Steve Heimoff, winemaker for Quixote Matt Reid, Ken Payton, Clark Smith, Laura Ness, Dan Berger.] Every now and then, I get some kookie epiphany and then just act on it. I wrote about Scoring the […]


Uncorked at Ghirardelli Square ~ Saturday, May 22, 2010

This is a wine tasting like no other that I’ve attended in San Francisco, with a very festive “street faire” feeling throughout the entire event. Perhaps that’s because it’s happening in San Francisco’s highly visible Ghirardelli Square, where people come from all around the world. Attendees may not have known about the event prior to, […]


From Rock n’Roll to Rock n’Wine

[Above is one of favorite rocker images that I shot of Mark Andes from Heart, while he performed in Portland, Maine in the 80’s.] I’ve been keeping a file/blog postings of those who are/were in the rock n’roll world, who have now also segued into the wine world. Why? Because that’s what I lived in […]


Wine (Paraiso) & Jazz (Norman Brown) with a Magazine (Wine & Jazz)

Wine and Jazz ~ Vintage 1, Track 5 Wine and Jazz is a magazine that celebrates the perfect lifestyle combination ~ I’m so delighted to be on this magazine’s list of whom they keep in their loop. In my former life, I was connected to music through FM radio, and there’s a part of […]


A Video Worth Sharing ~ Australia’s – ah… the World’s Newest Talent

I don’t go off my wine theme very much… but I am today. My cousin Margo just shared this with me, and I’m amazed. I’m so delighted this young man is in the world with us… He’s going to be making it a better place for a very long time, because he’s only 15 years […]