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Jon Bon Jovi Revisited in a Duo Wine Effort

INTRODUCTION OF HAMPTON WATER I once wrote: New Rock n’ Roller Who’s Segued to the Liquid Side ~ An update, coming soon. I’ve historically been collecting who also has segued from rock n’roll into rockin’ wine, since I left rock radio. My first of many stories: From Rock n’Roll to Rock n’Wine was published on […]


Surviving the Corona Virus Enhanced Social Media Branding in the Process

While I live in Sonoma County, definitely one of God’s own Gardens of Eden, it’s nevertheless part of the pandemic. Trying to find one’s groove might be difficult, because the situation is so pervasive. Even inspiration for writing is wanting inside of my head. Fortunately, I have editing work to do for clients, so I […]


Leaping Horse Vineyard ~ More Than a Leap of Faith

PHOTO: Jo Diaz SAMPLE: Quintessential Wines for Ironstone Vineyards: Listening to “There’s No Way,” an upbeat Powerwalk Playlist on Spotify… I’ve got this 2017 Leaping Horse Vineyard Chardonnay wine sitting on my desk, waiting to be opened; screwcap right there, just needs a twist. What’s holding me up? I just read something from Tasting The […]


Good News For Performing Artists and Wineries That Play Music in Their Tasting Rooms

[These images are my own, as I had a photography pass given to me by the record company, when I was in rock radio. This one is Daryl Hall, John Oates, and G.E. Smith performing, after I had also been back stage with Daryl and John.] BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.) and the Wine Institute partner […]


Wine, Women, and Songs

If you’ve got the wine and you’ve got the woman, what are the songs that get it all in the mood? Well, this all began with Let It Wine (from Italy = IT) contacting me in newsletter form. Their tagline: Dedicated to anyone in love with or just curious about the vast universe of wine! […]


Rodney Strong’s Summer Concert Series ~ One more to go with Huey Lewis & The News ~ Labor Day Weekend

Jose and I saw Dave Coz and his friends on July 28, and I was reminded how much I love concerts at Rodney Strong Vineyards. First of all, we could walk to Rodney Strong. It’s only a couple of miles from where we live. That kind of convenience is one of the great perks of […]


Candyman 187 and 2009 Joseph Drouhin Brouilly for my weekend adventures

Having been in the rock n’roll business, I still love the life of music, the artists, the dances, and the lifestyle. With that in mind, this morning, I was queried and asked if I could get this story onto my blog ASAP. I don’t usually do this so quickly, but we’re headed into the weekend, […]


Could “Drops of Jupiter” be THE “Paradigm Shift” [PS] I’ve Long Been Awaiting?

Image: Sony Music Entertainment Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a Petite Sirah freak. It’s done it to me, that Petite. It began in 2002 when I was the Foppiano family’s wine publicist. “Put on a Petite Sirah symposium,” Louis told me. He had no idea that I could do a couple of things […]


What I’m Listening to as I Prepare for the Oak Knoll Symposium ~ Anders Holst’s SoHo Suite

As you read this, I’ve already left for the Oregon Pinot Gris Symposium, presented by (and at) Oak Knoll Winery in Willamette Valley. Today is actually Sunday (June 5), and I’m about to go into a huge printing process. All that’s left is to print name badges, table tents, programs, and tech data for the […]


Tim Hawkins ~ Old Rock Stars

This was just sent to me by my friend Monique Dubois. We went to high school together, and hooked up long before Facebook… Some relationships are enduring. Speaking of enduring… Get ready to laugh at some Old Rock Stars songs, as newly updated by Tim Hawkins. Something to watch while you’re having your glass of […]