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Pinot on the River ~ Gorgeous Day ~ Beautiful Wines Part 2

My question is… How can two hours of tasting turn into eight hours of writing and formatting? I guess Pinot on the River was all that… and more. Cloud’s Rest… Only 400 to 500 cases a year are produced of this wine… An entire winery’s production is dedicated to Pinot Noir. They have 10,000 vines, […]


Is this the future for wine bloggers? Having to police our own blogs from thieves

This week seems to have a barrage of people who have decided that the way for them to make a little extra money is to take a blog’s content through an RSS feed, and let that blog’s content make money for them through Google ads. Honestly, it takes a lot of click-throughs to make much […]


When Wine and Serious Organic-Type Drugs Were Used Medicinally

These Were the Good Ole Days? I just got one of those Emails that circulates around and around until it finally makes its way to your computer. Being in the wine business, I’m fascinated by the history of wine. I didn’t realize that at the turn of the twentieth century, wine had the following medicinal […]


Why I Want to be Reborn as a Yeast on a Chardonnay Grape

My stint at Robert Mondavi Winery as a wine educator was one of the quickest jobs I’ve ever had, while it was also the most intriguing… Within five months I got a break as a Director of PR for Ironstone Winery, and off I went to work for a Murphys, California, wine company. Mondavi was […]


Crash Course at Crushpad with the San Francisco Wine Association

The invite read: Available for sample will be 53 premium wines from 17 boutique San Francisco wineries. With expert winemakers at the helm, these small-production wineries are achieving outstanding scores, winning medals, and gaining the attention worthy of their wines. We hope you will consider them for your business. [Have I told you that the […]


Red Wine & Chocolate ~ A Seminar with Rich Passion for Chocoholics

The panel that I organized at the 2009 Florida Winefest turned out to be a tremendous success. It had to do with the wine, as well as the chocolates, and most importantly – the people who filled the panel. Reds Wines and Decadent Chocolate: Pinot, Cabernet, and Petite Sirah Seminar Date: Friday, April 24 Time: […]