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When Wine Spectator rises to the top again, you know the cycle is over

SUBTITLE: Wine Blogs Then (2005) and Wine Blogs Now (2020) ~ 15-year perspective THEN In 2004, as a wine publicist, I had heard rumblings about an Alder Yarrow. It seems he had a wine blog called Vinography. I had heard about Web 2.0, and this guy was doing it. Hum, I’ll have to check this […]


Can you send your review to me about my wine, so I can market myself?

Ronn offers a stellar wine program…


Deborah Parker Wong, AIWS ~ Wine Writer #42

Deborah Parker Wong recently told me, “Your blog is a great resource!” I’m glad she noticed… Having this blog be a resource is my second reason for keeping it up. My first has always been to journal my process as a wine publicist, as I’ve said many times here. What I find interesting about the […]


What’s funny, sexy, and blue all over?

The Mutineer Magazine Holiday Comedy Festival at Sonoma’s Jacuzzi Vineyards on December 11! I may be wrong, and please tell me if I am; but, I can’t remember a wine magazine ever doing something like this… And, I mean holding a specific event, whose singular purpose it to raise funds for a worthy cause. Again, […]


Wine Enthusiast Has Taken It to the Enth⁰

I just picked up my latest Wine Enthusiast magazine and headed out the door. Our daughter Melanie told us that Cloverdale was having their 17th Annual Cloverdale Street Celebration, Car and Motorcycle Show. She thought her dad could get some interesting shots for his Jose Photos Website. Jose was deep in work, and wasn’t sure […]


Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s Toast of The Town Venues for 2010

Toast of the Town is an annual wine and food event, produced by Wine Enthusiast Magazine that I eagerly look forward to each year. It’s just so classy! Here’s the lineup for 2010: Thursday, April 8, 2010 at the Atlanta Georgia Aquarium Thursday, April 22, 2010 at the San Francisco War Memorial Opera House Thursday, […]


Wine (Paraiso) & Jazz (Norman Brown) with a Magazine (Wine & Jazz)

Wine and Jazz ~ Vintage 1, Track 5 Wine and Jazz is a magazine that celebrates the perfect lifestyle combination ~ I’m so delighted to be on this magazine’s list of whom they keep in their loop. In my former life, I was connected to music through FM radio, and there’s a part of […]


Appellation America Goes Subscription ~ I Hope People Get it

An article that I read entitled The Internet devalues everything it touches, written by Tom Foremski, stuck a serious chord. Tom wrote about the Internet devaluing so many professions that I hadn’t even thought about many of them, but became aware of many more than I had considered. (When we’re personally impacted, we tend to […]


Mastering our Fragmented Marketing/PR Media Mosaic

Life used to be so simple… Really it was just so simple. You wrote a letter or made a call. [I suppose the telephone was a bit of an inconvenience, when it was first released to the public.] Along came Email, and that certainly turned the routine around. [Imagine a work day without any access?] […]


Wine Spectator ~ Perhaps the Final Weigh-In

This is something I’ve given a lot of thought to, and have been trying to conjure up the right blog opinion. In all fairness, employees of Wine Spectator have been very kind to me with shared colleague respect, most especially the women in the offices. Perhaps it’s the sisterhood, perhaps it’s the level of empathy… […]