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Howling Wolf in the Sierras and lightweight in a saloon ~ What? No wine!

Years ago, I worked for Ironstone Vineyards. It was a two and a half year gig, and I intuitively knew going into it that it would only last two years. It managed to squeak out to two and a half years, with the last six months really squeaking along… except for that howling night. I’d […]


19th Auunal Florida Winefest & Auction ~ April 23-26, 2009

While working for wine companies, I was very lucky to have been sent to 40 of the 50 US states. I attended all the major wine festivals (Aspen, Boston, New Orleans, Santa Fe, Charlotte, etc.), pouring wine for the wine companies I was representing, while experiencing  a lot of the United States. I learned that […]


What do Wine Country Types Do on the Weekends? Head for the Coast…

The Pacific Coast is very dramatic. It’s a far cry from my Atlantic roots, where waves quietly lap sandy shores on the best of days, and maybe have three to four foot waves on the worst of days. In this Sonoma County region, fog is as much a part of the landscape as are the […]

Longboat Key Club ~ My Own Slice of Heaven

There are just some places that once you’ve visited, they’ve found a home deep within your heart. The Longboat Key Club has done such a thing to me… And the placement is so deep that I find myself not only continually finding my way back, but also bringing others along for the experience. This past […]

Melanie’s Wednesday Wines ~ February 20, 2008; It’s a Two-fer, Camellia Cellars and Inn

Melanie Hoffman When I first moved to California 15 years ago, and may I say wow 15 years, but I digress… When I first moved here, Healdsburg was where my heart found its home. I have lived in Healdsburg the majority of my time spent in California. Healdsburg has a quaint artistic appeal that I […]

Villa de Buena Vista ~ In the Heart of Paso Robles, it’s so welcoming

Having clients all over the place – versus being a regional PR person – has me traveling for business on occasion. Heading down to the Paso Robles area has become a special adventure. I travel from Sonoma County to Paso to check in with the Donati family’s winery, in order to reconnect. My colleague Mitch […]