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Everything on the Internet is Free, Including Customer Service

Everything on the Internet is free, including customer service for something you haven’t paid for… It’s become a funny world. I enjoy sharing the requests I get, because they always hit me with a “What?” moment, and getting them out of me is great stress release. This is a new one… Dear Jo: Hello, I […]


Things To Do in Wine Country ~ Non Wine Related ~ Go On a Flower Shoot & Happy Mother’s Day

April Showers bring May Flowers… Take your camera and go shoot flowers in wine country. Happy Friday. My video bouquet for all mothers around the world; and those in heaven, like my mom. Happy Mother’s Day Weekend from wine country.


Things to do in wine country, non wine (sorta) related ~ Friday Fotos ~ Gardens Abound

Gardens abound in Wine Country. These images will give you hope for spring, as we all experience these dreary days of winter… A breath of fresh air for you, as you keep this year’s vacations in mind… These pictures were shot all over California, while on wine tours. Why I know it works for someone […]


Things to do in wine country, non wine (sorta) related ~ Friday Fotos ~ Sculpture

Spend a day in wine country photographing sculpture. It’s all around us. .


Things to do in wine country, non wine (sorta) related ~ Friday Fotos ~ Visit the Ocean

While visiting wine country, it’s worth it, regardless of the region you’re visiting, to save a day for the ocean. This is true for both the Atlantic and the Pacific. The Atlantic Ocean is tame, as compared to the Pacific, in the US. I say “in the US,” because while visiting Portugal, I realized how […]


Things to do in wine country, non wine (sorta) related ~ Friday Fotos ~ Car Shows

Believe it or not, there’s plenty to do. Car shows are extremely popular. Many wineries even have their own car shows. While I worked at Ironstone Vineyards, they had an annual Concours d’Elegance. Lemon Creek Winery in Michigan has a couple of them (Father’s Day and Harvest). These images show how cars in California outlive […]


Friday Fotos ~ A Bouquet of Flowers for You

Today’s blog posting is for any moments you might have today, when you say to yourself, “Calgon, take me away.” This video will restore your balance. – A day without a camera for a wine publicist is like a day without a hose for a fireman.


Friday’s Fotos ~ A Day At the Beach in Popham, Maine

[All comments for today will count toward The Vintner’s Luck ~ A Give Away ~ You may enter once a day to increase your chances.] I have very few days where I do something other than wine… Even most of my travels have to do with wine. This past summer, our family friends’ daughter Jennifer […]