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Happy Valentine’s Day ~ A Dark & Delicious Give Away

I love those of you who take your time to read my blog. And so, today is a very simple blog posting. Just comment on today’s blog, and if you’ve not yet won a pair of tickets (through my Facebook efforts) for Dark & Delicious this coming Friday, you’re eligible. (This sixth annual event, if […]


Oregon Pinot Gris marketing group ~ An exciting new project

[Today is the second of five days to register for holiday gifts from Wine-blog. Simply leave your name in the comments for a chance to win. Rules.] After the first Petite Sirah symposium that I put on in 2002 at Foppiano, I saw the potential; and, the birth of PS I Love You happened. Please […]


GIVE AWAY GIFTS: Holiday gifts for Wine-Blog fans

I appreciate you guys. First of all, you know that wine-blog is not your average wine blog. Next, you’ve got to have a sense of humor, or you wouldn’t be here. Finally, you put up with me. Because you take your time to read my ramblings, and in the spirit of the season, I have […]


Vintage Corkscrew Wine Bags ~ With Lots of Craftsmanship Thrown in For Good Measure

There’s a certain flow that’s going on, where I don’t have to look for anything new to be doing. It just finds me. That’s actually how Diaz Communications began and continues. In the ten years that Jose and I have owned and operated our agency, I’ve not had to solicit one client. They’ve found me, […]


The Vintner’s Luck ~ A Give Away

The Vintner’s Luck is a DVD coming out on September 20th, 2010. I’m going to give you what I got for a press release, because I’ve not seen the movie, so I’m not going to try to even reinvent this one. From Mark Pitchford: Experience the passion that lies behind the perfect vintage in THE […]