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VIDEO WINEMAKER SERIES ~ David Coffaro’s Historical Field Blend, by DC Productions

David Coffaro, owner and winemaker for David Coffaro Wines, discusses with Jose Diaz his 100 year old field blend vineyard, his wines, his diary, and his weather station. At least six or seven varieties have been identified by UC Davis, but there are many more vines not yet identified. He discusses how each vine looks, […]


VIDEO WINEMAKER SERIES: The 21 Flavors of David Coffaro Wines in Dry Creek Valley

David Coffaro and I had recently met when I asked him to be a presenter at the 10th Annual Petite Sirah Symposium, hosted by Concannon Vineyard. I found that I really like David. He’s honest, down to earth, and a man of great passion. I asked if we could come to his winery to film […]


The that came to me

Sometimes I feel like I’m getting lazy, like when I can’t get myself out of my chair, drive to a tasting room, and do the work (as if tasting wine is such hard work). Still, when you’re surrounded by tasting rooms, it’s easy to become complacent… I made a promise to myself, however, when I […]


Old World Winemaking ~ Take a Tour with David Mounts on his micro crushpad

[Today is the second of five days to register for holiday gifts from Wine-blog. Simply leave your name in the comments for a chance to win. Rules.] Mounts Family Winery is one of those micro wineries in Dry Creek Valley, borne from third generation wine grape grower David Mounts. Both his father (Richard Mounts) and […]


David Mounts talks about how to grow world class wine grapes in the heart of Dry Creek Valley,

In keeping with Wine Blog’s dedication to oral journals from winemakers, this is the second part of a four part series with David Mounts. My reason for breaking up these videos is because I’m acutely aware that no one has the time to sit through a 30 to 40 minute video during the day. That […]


Winemaker Video Series ~ Gustafson Family Vineyards with Emmett Reed

Gustafson Family Vineyard has been a favorite on Wine-Blog, because both owner Dan Gustafson and winemaker Emmett Reed have gone out of their way to over deliver. Both articulate gentlemen are very eager to share. Some people are just easy to be around, and that would be Dan and Emmett. There’s never been a time […]


My Dear, Deer Prefer Petite, It’s not just we who do…

FUN FACT: Being in an old Zinfandel vineyard with David Gates, Paul Draper’s VP of Vineyard Operations at Ridge Vineyard and winery in Dry Creek Valley, we walked past a “thin” vine. It was obviously ravaged by something, and just didn’t have the same full foliage on long canes that drip downward like the rest […]


Minimal Intervention ~ Maximum Attention, Ridge’s Winemaking Philosophy with David Gates

That’s a Paul Draper quote, by the way. Even though “Minimal Intervention ~ Maximum Attention” flowed easily from V.P. Of Vineyard Operations David Gates in conversation, he was quick to tell me, when I said that’s a great title, that those words belong to Paul Draper. (Off to an honestly great start…) I’m so delighted […]