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Living in Sonoma County, I find myself dreaming of Sea Ranch Lodge

I need a real vacation, because this wine publicist’s house is under siege with repair people. Yesterday I posted about a flood happening in our upstairs bathroom. With water fans blowing 24/7, the “loud” white noise is now really setting in. I need a couple of days at the ocean… and again, I find myself […]


Dear Jo ~ A question of when communications go bad

Dear Jo ~ A question of when communications go bad… The communication to me: Dear Jo, I hope you don’t mind me getting in touch like this but I wanted to ask a couple of questions regarding wine PR and marketing communications in the US. I’m trying to put together a panel talk for a […]


Wondering about wine, women, and pregnancy

Have you ever wondered about wine, women, and pregnancy? This has been going on with me since the warnings first began to emerge in the 1980s… By then, I had already had three happy, healthy daughters, and I was an occasional wine drinker during the 70s through 1980, when I gave birth to my third […]


Last night I got my white blood cells drunk

I’ve not written on my blog for the past 10 days. I’ve been to the depths of Hades and back with a cold, too weak to even get off the couch. I refused to stay in bed, because we’ve got better cable in the living room. I feel upon Downton Abbey, and began the journey […]


The dog ate my ticket…

I don’t believe that in any other industry it’s permissible to just show up without a ticket and expect to be let into a venue… a sporting event, a concert, a movie, a club that sells tickets? I may be wrong, and I’d love to know what other event invites such funny behavior… Bring it […]


Writing has to do with and be filled with inspiration, regardless of the topic, wine included

For much of my wine blog writings, I write over the weekend, honestly.  During the week, I’m too busy living what I’m doing, and taking care of clients’ writing needs. I reserve my weekends for reflection and sharing. This keeps me journaling about being a wine publicist. There are times when I read something, and […]


I… could drink… a case of you… (Joni Mitchell) ~ 2010 Colagrossi L’Inizio

As Jose and I were leaving the lake in Geyserville from a quiet Friday afternoon sojourn, he said, “Let’s go to where Lady Gaga had lunch.” I laughed. That was code for Diavola Pizzeria in Geyserville, California. Owner | chef Dino Bugica considers himself a transplant from Pisa, Italy, having grown up with the influence […]