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Chef Sean Baker of Gather in Berkeley

I owe a debt of gratitude to Chef Sean Baker of Gather in Berkeley. First, I’m going to share… Wine is nothing more than liquid food. It has the potential to be an art form, like one created by the great masters; or it can simply be a poster hung on a wall with tape […]


Sitelines at Tres Sabores was splendor in the vines

Sitelines at Tres Sabores was a delicious midsummer night’s dream. Promoted by Julie Johnson and her husband Jon Engelskirger, this year’s event was their second annual (if indeed this is to be an annual event). If it is and you love the arts, you don’t want to miss it next year. I did overhear someone […]


1920s-Style Wine event hosted by Celebrity Wine Review

I’ve been invited to this Celebrity Wine Review event, and think it’s going to be a hoot-and-a-half… I’m getting out that dress with the dangly fringe at the bottom, and gonna brush up on my Charleston. The organizers have converted the beautiful Hotel Rex in downtown San Francisco into a 1920’s speakeasy, with plenty of […]


Last Sunday Wine-blog delivered music, this Sunday it’s dance

I had no clue, until Amy Atwood of VinTank posted this YouTube video on her Facebook page. Living in the 60’s with Diana Ross, one would think I’d know about Diana Ross’s “other” talent…but it somehow escaped me. This ’68 Afro Vogue dancing has me now realizing Diana Ross had the potential for two amazing […]