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What’s funny, sexy, and blue all over?

The Mutineer Magazine Holiday Comedy Festival at Sonoma’s Jacuzzi Vineyards on December 11! I may be wrong, and please tell me if I am; but, I can’t remember a wine magazine ever doing something like this… And, I mean holding a specific event, whose singular purpose it to raise funds for a worthy cause. Again, […]


Fallow the Yellow Brink Road at Trefethen on April Fool’s Day

What a great marketing effort by Trefethen. First of all, who doesn’t love to get packages in the mail? Secondly, who doesn’t love a practical joke? Thirdly… We’re all headed toward April Fool’s day, and Trefethen has just nailed it! In an effort to get my attention, they sent their new release to me… A […]


Sunday Funnies

I’ve always loved Pee-Wee Herman, regardless of anything. It wasn’t Pee-Wee who a cop busted…It wasn’t the genius in the playhouse who all just children adored. It was a private man in a private moment, in a dark theater… Sorta like Bill Clinton or David Letterman behind closed doors. This morning, looking for something to […]


Wine Tasting Trauma – Comedy Time

Good one, as Jeff Rothpan relives his wine tasting experience.