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Art to enjoy with wine, by Liudas Guzas

My wine blog is my wine journal as a wine publicist. I don’t always write about the wine business, in the process. I’m a stream of consciousness kinda gal. As random as my blog appears to be, there’s one constant thread… My love of writing. And since I write about wine all day, sometimes I […]


Wine Bottle Names and Their Capacity

Wine bottle names and their capacity is always a fun question for those trivia moments. Split ~ 186 milliliters ~ 1/4 bottle Half bottle ~ 375 milliliters Bottle/Fifth ~ 1 bottle Magnum ~ 2 bottles Burgundy Jeroboam ~ 4 bottles Rehoboam ~ 6 bottles Methuselah ~ 8 bottles Salmanazar ~ 12 bottles Balthazar ~ 16 […]


Cadaretta Wine Soil Composition ~ fractured and decayed basalts

Cadaretta Wine’s Soil Composition at Southwind Vineyard is a story that I wrote for our client. Because it’s for their Website, it’s got a copyright on it and stories like this I never put onto my blog ~ like so many other internal documents that I produce daily. But this one has just stuck with […]


How Much Wine Comes From One Vine?

Have you ever wondered how much wine comes from one vine? This is a great trivia question, for those opening moments, instead of asking, “So, what’s your sign?” “Either way, you’re a geek, though,” said she, who used to get hit on. On average, one plant equals about 14 pounds of fruit, if crop isn’t […]