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Jo DiazJo Diaz moved to California, in 1992, after an 11 years in broadcasting, involving PR, producing, and photography. Segued into the wine industry in 1993, she’s been employed by Hambrecht Wine Group (Belvedere and Grove Street wineries), Robert Mondavi, Barefoot Cellars, Ironstone Vineyards, and Kendall-Jackson, while simultaneously working on a wine sales and marketing degree. In 2001, Diaz launched Diaz Communications, in 2002 founded PS I Love You (Petite Sirah advocacy group) and continues to be PSILY’s executive director. In 2002, she also founded the Association of African American Vintners. In 2011, she founded the Oregon Pinot Gris marketing group. Diaz produced annual events: Oregon Pinot Gris and Petite Sirah symposiums, as well as Petite Sirah’s Dark & Delicious wine and food event.

The ‪Balloon Fairy‬ (not listed on my formal resume, but still am.) Began in 1984.

Jo Diaz Published, also the first female publicist, wine blogger in the world.


PUBLISHED on-line with wine business publications: Wine publications

PUBLISHED in music publications with images and bylines:

Jo Diaz ~ Presentations

  • Scheduled and participated in wine festival tasting panels about Petite Sirah with the following:
    • Society of Wine Educators
    • Santa Fe Chile Fiesta
    • Florida Wine Fest
    • American Wine Society
    • Lectured with the Department of Commerce,
      • Under the SABIT (Special American Business Internship Training) Program’s Wine Marketing and Promotion
    • Midwest Wine Grape Symposium ~ How to Start A Single Wine Grape Variety Advocacy Group
    • American Wine Society ~ Cabernet Franc As A Noble Variety
    • UC Davis Extension Program ~ PR and Social Media for Small Wineries (since 2009)

Thanks to for their excel help.


  1. mikki

    i do wine bottle art for festivals and have many examples in galleries in the midwest and out west…if you wish to see some samples i can e-mail you some of my work….m dillon,m.d.

  2. Roger

    Jo, you have some great photos. I especially like the Doorway Vineyard. Which vineyard is that?

    I’m trying to get others in my circle to read your blog (you probably need no help), I just had to put your site RSS feed on my sidebar.

    Happy tastings!

  3. Jo


    Can you tell me which blog story has the Doorway Vineyard shot. I take so many picture, I can’t keep track.

    I’ve also just had my husband put a “can’t right click” on my site, which I should have him take down. I did it because people are taking my images for their sites, with absolutely no credit… And, to make matters worse, they’re taking them from my blog, but still leaving them in my site – using my bandwidth… That sucks bandwidth from my blog, because now I have their websites in my space, too.

    What really put it over the edge is that some guy just took one of my stories, changed the title, and put it on his site as his own.

    So, you could have right clicked, and we”d easily know which image you’re talking about. Meanwhile, I’ll also try to track it down.

  4. Jo

    Well…. Did you go to

    If yes, that’s my husband’s shot. I’m Jo and he’s Jose…

    I’m Jo, he’s Ho… We’ve caused a lot of confusion, until people see us. I tell people, “I’m Jo, he’s Ho.” They don’t ever forget that one.

    He’s right he and thanks you.

    Thanks for being my cheerleader, too. As I noted… my #1 tequila fan!

  5. Samantha

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    How are you?
    I would like to contact with you about our 8th Shanghai International Wine & Spirits Exhibition on May 3-5, 2012 at INTEX in Shanghai, China.
    I will appreciate if you can have a consideration of participating in.
    If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact with me. Thank you!

    yours sincerely,

  6. Betty

    Hi Jo. I hope you’re doing well. A friend and I are going to Concannon on Saturday to do some tasting. Might you be able to join us?


  7. Jo Diaz

    Hi, Betty,

    What a lovely invitation. I’m going to be in North Carolina, or I might take you up on the offer, Betty.

  8. Betty Kaufman

    Too bad. I hope you have fun in NC. Maybe next time.

  9. Jo Diaz

    Just let me know. Thanks for thinking of me.

  10. Adrienne Johnston

    I would love to be able to read some of your other blogs.

  11. Dr. Barry Nadel

    Dear Jo Diaz,
    I received my BSc and MSc from the Dept. of Viticulture and Enology at UC Davis.I have written a book on wine making “Secrets of Home Wine Making.” Its word count is 25,146. I would like to receive your guidelines on how to submit a book for review. Thank you for your time, effort and cooperation.
    Regards Dr. Barry Nadel.

  12. Marcia Jones

    Dear Jo,

    I stumbled on your blog while searching for additional images to add to my website.

    I would love to use your images from your blog regarding AAAV. I believe it was in 2002. But, wanted to get your permission.

    That was a great blog. I too, stumbled on the few (at the time) African American winemakers while doing research.

    Fast forward to today…I’m currently working on a documentary about African American winemakers. Ironically, the only winemaker I’m using from the original AAAV members is Theodora Lee.

    Kind Regards,

    Marcia Jones

  13. Jo Diaz

    Interestingly, Theodora became a member after I left them. I was only with them for a year 2002 to 2003. The demand for them being at events was more than the collective cases being made at the time. Also, I tracked all of their publicity, based on my press releases and the results. When the last one came in from Malaysia, I knew I had done enough to get them off and running. After that, I had just let it go.

    I’m not sure what image you’re wanting, but if you send a screen shot to me, I should be able to find it.

  14. Patrick Cress

    Hey Jo, I appreciated your tone and the way you tied together your blog re: the Karolyi Gruner. Just sending kudos. Be well.


  15. Igor Mattos Sill

    Hi Jo, love your blog and enjoyed reading your views on Atlas Peak AVA. Thought I should mention that if you elect to update your blog on Atlas Peak, please note that our 2015 Atlas Peak estate Cabernet Sauvignon received CWSA’s 2018 Wine of the Year award and was the recipient of the DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL. It is served at the famed The French Laundry and numerous other fine dining establishments. Happy to host you at a Atlas Peak Mountain Winery tasting (Sill Family Vineyards). THANKS!

  16. Jo Diaz

    Hello, Igor. Thank you for your comment. I’ll let you know when I’m headed in your direction. I love family vineyards and their histories. Thank YOU!

  17. Carol Donohue Proteau

    Very impressive, Jo.
    I feel honored to know you.
    Glad we “reunited”
    We will keep n touch.
    Friends are treasures.”ole” friends are gem

  18. Jo Diaz

    Thank you, Carol. I appreciate your comment, more than you’ll ever know. I do love that we went to school together, and have now reunited. Yes, old friends are truly gems.

    When I was a Girl Scout leader in Maine, I taught so many kids the song, “Make New Friends, But Keep the Old” The second line is, “One is silver and the other is gold.” I say so many, because – besides the three units I managed with other friends helping me, I also directed a day camp. I took it from 40 people the first year, to 250 in two years. That’s a lot of people enjoying that song. I treasure each and every one of them… and you, too.

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