Going Rogue with Two Chicks’ Sparkling was a pool party, with lots of fun. Almost 40 years into wine, I just really wanted to segue and rock out, with this offer. So, here come some premium spirits with natural flavors. Is it a girly thing by the pool? Oh, yeah, but we also had a male on board, and we all so enjoyed it. There was some serious Qwirkle going on, too, with perfect positions to win while enjoying bubbles.

Two Chicks Variety Pack in the 2024 Summer

Two Chicks Variety Pack Craft Cocktails in the 2024 Summer Season

A thought on the “start of more beverages shifting, besides wine:” People are mutable and so are their palates. Neo-Prohibitionists slip in at any chance, life evolves enough for me to being open to beverages pool side. For instance: the cans are recyclable, the flavors and bubbles are delicious flavors, and time with friends, to carpe diem. It all made perfect sense.

Our experience with Two Chicks’ Sparkling was a delightful segue into a broader world of premium spirits, exploring and discovering new flavors! Having friends also poolside? We were playing Qwirkle and getting a consensus. That’s the finishing touch!

Two Chicks variety pack

Two Chicks variety pack

From Two Chicks on Where to buy for this high-profile player in the premium ready-to-drink (RDT), fizzy and canned cocktail category. They’re really betting on melon this summer, with the launch of these two new cocktails, along with their other, established cocktails. This increases the range from eight to 10, each available in 4-packs, with a suggested retail of $1. Sparklings are  Sparkling Watermelon Breeze (vodka, watermelon, and lime) and Sparkling Melon Drop: (vodka, honeydew, and lime). I highly recommend both quite honestly and are curious to try other flavors. It was a really fun, poolside experience.

For the party, go for a pack of these beverages: Two Chicks Craft Cocktail Variety 8-Pack (SRP $25). It includes Melon Drop (honeydew, lime), Vodka Fizz (elderflower, pear), Lemon Strawberry Kiss (lemon, strawberry, basil), Watermelon Breeze (watermelon, lime).

Two Chicks Beverages, image borrowed from their Webpage.

Two Chicks Beverages, image borrowed from their Webpage.

So, Who Are these Two Chicks, Anyway?

Linda Cash and Megan Hanna launched nationwide in the summer of 2019 with three cocktails, expanding to eight over the next few years. Two Chicks increased to a range of ten cocktails in the spring of 2024.Their beverages place in the top three premium spirit-based canned category. Two Chicks places in the top three premium (suggested  $12.00+), spirit-based canned category. And, they are in the top eight, for the overall spirit-based canned, ready to drink category, which is ranked and measured in dollar sales. So, they are solid!

Available in 46 states, plus DC, Two Chicks is sold in single-cocktail, four-can packs, as well as eight-can multi-cocktail variety packs (4 cocktails x 2), launched in spring 2024. “We set out to create Deliciously Designed ™, all natural and gluten free great tasting cocktails, all wrapped in gorgeous packaging. The result: Delicious, sparkling canned cocktails, flavored with natural essences, for connecting, thriving, living, and above all, sharing.”